Full Program

Logic and Practice of Programming (LPOP)
July 18, 2018
Oxford, UK

University of Oxford, Blavatnik Seminar Room 2

Session 1: Logic and Practice of Programming
Session Chair: Marc Denecker

09:00 Marc Denecker. Opening and introduction.
09:10 Invited Talk: Michael Leuschel. Practical uses of Logic, Formal Methods, B and ProB.  (Presentation) (Jupyter Notebook)
09:50 Invited Talk: Nicola Leone, Bernardo Cuteri, Marco Manna, Kristian Reale and Francesco Ricca. On the Development of Industrial Applications with ASP. (Presentation)

Session 2: Security Policies as Challenge Problems
Session Chair: Annie Liu

11:00 Annie Liu. Introduction: Role-Based Access Control as a Programming Challenge. (Presentation - slides 1-11) 
11:10 Thom Fruehwirth (in spirit). Discussions on RBAC and "Security Policies in Constraint Handling Rules".
11:20 David S. Warren. LPOP2018 XSB Position Paper. (Presentation)
11:30 Roberta Costabile, Alessio Fiorentino, Nicola Leone, Marco Manna, Kristian Reale and Francesco Ricca. Role-Based Access Control via JASP. (Presentation)
11:40 Marc Denecker. The RBAC challenge in the Knowledge Base Paradigm. (Presentation)
11:50 Tuncay Tekle. Role-Based Access Control via LogicBlox. (Presentation)
12:00 Joost Vennekens. Logic-based Methods for Software Engineers and Business People. (Presentation)
12:10 Yanhong A. Liu and Scott Stoller. Easier Rules and Constraints for Programming. (Presentation - slides 12+)
12:20 All Workshop Participants. Questions about RBAC challenge solutions.

Session 3: Challenge Solutions and Constraint Solving
Session Chair: K. Tuncay Tekle

14:00 Panel: Practice of Modeling and Programming.
         Panel Chair: Peter Van Roy 
     Panelists: All Morning Speakers               
14:30 Invited Talk: John Hooker. A Modeling Language Based on Semantic Typing. (Presentation)
15:10 Neng-Fa Zhou and Håkan Kjellerstrand. A Picat-based XCSP Solver - from Parsing, Modeling, to SAT Encoding. (Presentation)
15:20 Paul Fodor. Role-Based Access Control as a LP/CP/Prolog Programming Challenge. (Presentation)

Session 4: Logic and Constraints in Applications
Session Chair: David Warren

16:00 Invited Talk: Rustan Leino. The Young Software Engineer’s Guide to Using Formal Methods. (Presentation)
16:40 Torsten Schaub. How to upgrade ASP for true dynamic modelling and solving? (Presentation)
16:50 Peter Van Roy. A software system should be declarative except where it interacts with the real world. (Presentation)
17:00 All Workshop Participants. Questions about logic and constraints in real-world applications.
17:10 Panel: Future of Programming with Logic and Knowledge. 
            Panel Chair: David Warren 
       Panelists: All Afternoon Speakers               
17:40 David Warren and Annie Liu. Future of LPOP.
17:50 Tuncay Tekle and Marc Denecker. Closing.