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Logic and Practice of Programming (LPOP)

The domain and the problems and tasks of this challenge were selected to give participants the opportunity to demonstrate the best features of their (preferred) logic language. These features may be of a broad spectrum: elegance, naturalness, compactness, modularity of expression, broadness of the functionality of the logic tools (e.g., a strong point would be if tools are available to prove correctness of your solutions), reuse of the specification to solve different parts of the problem, efficiency, etc.

Participants are free to select only part of the problems, or to implement variant problems, as long as it sheds new light to the utility of their logic approach.

The domain of the challenge is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). This is a security policy framework for controlling user access to resources based on roles. The challenge includes problems and tasks for several well-known variants and extensions of RBAC, each involving its own set of constraints.

Participants are free, and we encourage them to do so, to present solutions for other tasks that show specific strengths of their logic, e.g., such as the aforementioned proof of correctness of logic solutions. We are interested as well in new challenges for logic systems, tasks that cannot yet be solved by existing systems but that pose an interesting research goal.

The RBAC programming challenge is described in this file.

Participants may include programs, specifications, and other related materials in an appendix.